Statement & Bio

Making excuses to smoke a cigarette when I’m on a health kick is an example of a contradiction.  Another absurd contradiction would be painting with broken fingers. For as outrageous as these two situations seem, they bring a levity to a more serious conversation.  Sometimes when discussing the in-depth topics of social mores, societal standards, and identity issues, the only way to approach them is with a sense of humor. I have always wanted to explore the emotional gravity of these universal ideas that we as human beings experience on a daily basis.

My work uses a figurative approach, mostly based with imaginary subjects created in a variety of different media to portray the tension between what is viewed as serious versus what is not.  Bouncing around from multimedia painting to found scraps collage to stripped down charcoal and graphite drawings, I allow the change in my mood and emotional attachment to depict the outcome and approach to the work.  More recently, I have tackled my sense of self, sexuality, and identity as the fulcrum to which the work revolves around. By bringing my own physical body and shape to the foreground, they will accentuate that tension between hubris and hiding within yourself.



Nicholas is a painter and graphic designer based in the greater Philadelphia area. His work examines ideas of self discovery through the psychological forays of loss, embarrassment, and anxiety.  Using color and surface to imbue emotive response, his aim is to explore the verb or action of painting in various mediums. 
He holds a BFA in Fine Arts from West Chester University and has exhibited at Urban Gallery and Books in Rittenhouse Square, Delaware County Community College, and XFINITY Live! in Philadlephia